Hello! First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to my brand new photography site! I've been working on the new site for a while now, and I'm hoping you'll like the new look! On the website, you can expect to find several photo galleries divided into the following sections: Wedding + Engagement, Couple, Fashion, Senior and Lifestyle. You will also find a little bit of information about me, how I became interested in photography, and where some of my work has been published, as well as links to my social media, and contact information. If you have any inquiries in regards to pricing and packages, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact page, so I can provide you with that information. And finally, (the part I'm most excited about), I will now be blogging on a regular basis!!! On the blog, I will be talking about personal projects I've been working on, my latest photo shoots, photography tips and tricks, instructional videos, and more! It's gonna be something you DON'T want to miss!

In the mean time, be sure to follow me on all of my social media accounts, so you don't miss out on new content and my latest photo sessions!

Also, let me know what you think of the new site! Have a great day!


Chantel Pitts